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Benjamin Clementine - Edmonton Lyrics

Lirik Lagu Benjamin Clementine Edmonton Lyrics
Artist : Benjamin Clementine
Title : Edmonton
Album : EP Glorious You (2014)

Oh how swallow is to hunger
As a pigeon to my Trafalgar
In them young boys eyes she'd seen
The kind of men they could have been

Home is far from here...

You see they are from the other side
Of the horizon...
Where a lad stands a slim chance
Even if they knew...
They've made all the right choices

And so could you imagine it
How it feels to be a mother in this
Part of borough of never ending field

Will we change...

From time to time i ponder
But this so called reason for pondering
Ponders no end...
And Boris promised a sweet plan so
We gave him a second chance...
He said stand and be headstrong
Black gigantic livingstones...

Oh how whispering is to falling short
As anger to the shutting of a door
John 11:35 Jesus wept and wept and wept
Cause ain't nobody getting up from their sleep
Saying how about we start a new thread

I ain't talkin about revolution
Just a simple hello friend will do
Ain't much of a duty in this part borough
Of never ending field...

Will we change...

I aint talking about a revolution
Just a simple hello friend, will do
Aint much of a duty in all parts boroughs
Of never ending feuds...
Written by: siq lyr
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